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Next Generation is a political action committee formed to support politicians at all levels who will be a voice for young people and our issues. Being politically active doesn’t mean just voting, and we’re here to prove it. Millennials across America and across the world have been calling for a political revolution. Next Generation’s mission is to make sure these young people are represented in local and national legislatures, mayoral offices, school boards, and city councils. Our generation can ensure a real shift to the left in American politics. Next Generation exists to elect progressive candidates, who will represent young people, up and down the ballot.



A self-proclaimed bowtie aficionado and food connoisseur.

Strong believer in youth advocacy and witness to the positive impact youth can bring forth in society. Nerd who gets emotional when meeting any political icon and a House of Cards fanatic. Advocate for justice reform and equitable education for students. An Okie at heart who yearns to live in the big apple, and travel the world someday. Tom Haverford wannabe.

When I think of millennials, I think of lattes, avocados, and disillusionment. But through canvassing for local and national elections, I’ve met teenagers who are doing more than most voters. That’s why a youth political organization is so important. We can lead the country left if we’re organized and determined. Issues I'm especially passionate about include accessible abortion and protecting freedom of speech. When I’m not watching C-SPAN, I’m probably reading or hanging out with my dogs Rosie and Opal. I'm also a proud New Mexican. 

Our generation has seen our family members get laid off, our schools lose funding, our LGBT friends discriminated against, ardent violence against black and brown bodies in the streets, a dismal health care reality, and the real unaffordability of college tuition... and we're tired of it. We aren't the lazy generation portrayed in the media, rather we are a screwed generation thanks to those before us. I believe we have the power, when we work together, to make the future great for every person regardless of citizenship, race, gender, sexuality, or class. Super important issues to me include LGBT rights, immigration, and the carceral state. In my free time, you will find me reading, watching the news, working out, or hanging out with friends. I currently live in Indiana but will be studying at the University of Southern California next year.