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"education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today."

- Malcolm X

knowledge is power

It is inhumane that in the world's richest country, many people cannot afford to continue their education. The high prices of a college education are due to many factors, but it is notable that prices have increased drastically in the past 30 years. For many, college is just not an option. It is also a reality that in today's workforce, the trade classes and skills that would provide a high school graduate with a good living yesterday, in many places are no longer available. Every person deserves the right to receive education, regardless of their financial being. We propose all state universities, colleges, and community colleges be tuition-free via a speculation tax on Wall Street. Wall Street was bailed out, and we got sold out. It is time the people who almost completely murdered the American economy do something to help the common person.


We propose: 

  • Free tuition at all public secondary education institutions funded through a speculation tax on Wall Street

  • Increased funding for public schools and an end to federal funding for charter schools

  • Funding for school districts not based on where you live. Your zip code should not dictate the education you receive

  • Increases in teacher's pay and compensation

  • Protection of teacher's unions 

  • Recognition of graduate students' right to organize/unionize & investigation by Department of Labor into issues related to graduate students' right to form a union 

  • An addition of foreign language and computer science to elementary curriculum

  • Protection of funding for the arts