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In order to give youth the best future possible, Next Generation supports:

  • A livable wage, meaning $15 minimum, so workers can support themselves and their families, and in-turn, boost the economy

  • Anti-war policies: why spend billions on conflict when we could be spending hard-earned taxpayer dollars to improve the lives of Americans?

  • Automatic voter registration, which makes it easier for all Americans to cast their vote

  • Alternative voting, or ranked voting, which eliminates concerns of vote splitting and makes it easier for voters to support candidates according to their conscience, not just party lines

  • Net neutrality to ensure our internet remains open and able to support democracy

  • Clean, publicly financed elections to eliminate special interests in politics 

  • Wall Street reform to ensure our politicians aren't bought and paid for by special interests

  • Protecting Native Land and sovereignty 

  • An end to the racist reality of gerrymandering

  • An end to "Right-to-Work" laws




there are many policies essential to protecting our future